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Fjord Aviation Products began as an idea that he, the late Dudley Luntsford,  could create a better product for protecting the wing of an aircraft during over wing fueling.


– a urethane mat that was flexible, durable, fuel and chemical  resistant – instead of what was available at the time such as the “fishnet” or “neoprene” mat.  Twenty plus years later this concept of urethane products being used in aviation ground fueling safety equipment has blossomed into not only 2 different sizes of wing mats but dust covers for both over and under wing fueling nozzles, bump rings for under wing fueling nozzles, bottom load adapter covers and hose band protectors as well as specialty items such as a jet spout conversion adapter and an all weather breather cap for the manhole cover on refueling trucks to mention a few – check out our products page.

The company not only manufactures urethane ground fueling safety equipment but also is a distributor for various other manufacturers for aviation fuel filters, aviation fueling hoses, hose reels, grounding reels and cable, fuel quality testing equipment, anti-icing additive for jet fuel, and fueling nozzles. Thus the other vision for the company comes forth – a one stop place for providing the products and knowledge for  “clean dry fuel to the aircraft”.

Through these past twenty plus years aviation has gone through many changes and will continue to change, as will all of us associated and servicing aviation. But our commitment stays the same to provide to the best of our ability “clean dry fuel to the aircraft” through our manufactured products and distributing network.

Barbara Thompson